01: Welcome

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Annual Report 2021

PRX believes in the power of audio storytelling. Experiencing new stories expands our empathy, changes our minds, and transforms our communities. As a home for innovation in audio, the work and culture of PRX reflect our mission: to lead the expansion of public media as a trusted source of knowledge, information, and inspiration for all. In 2021 we broke new ground in this effort, together with our dedicated listeners, creators, and supporters. Thank you.


In 2003, PRX was created to address a particular challenge of the time—great stories were produced for radio, aired once, and then disappeared. PRX solved this problem by creating the first open, searchable, digital marketplace devoted to audio—The PRX Exchange. We also built an economy to support it.

Our aims were to reduce the friction that stifled opportunities for independent producers and to expand the shelf life of evergreen stories. Prior to this, public radio stations had only two content choices — to either air national programs or to make content themselves. PRX created a middle option giving independent producers local and national broadcast reach, and public radio stations the access to choice. In doing so, we unlocked opportunities for diverse voices and opened an otherwise closed system. PRX also became one of the first places you could listen to public radio on the internet.

In those early days, PRX had a rebel vibe. We disrupted the status quo to create something new, efficient, and more accessible. Today that nonconformity has led to expansive impact. We see our work as a catalyst for change—turning problems into opportunities, reframing difficulties, and empowering people and teams to expand the story of public media.

The ways we see this in action:

  • We support a creative economy and over the course of our existence, have put $100 million in the hands of creators.
  • We provide access to state-of-the-art technology at no or low cost to content makers of all sizes.
  • We champion local public radio stations in their service to their communities.
  • We have created an innovative and rigorous global training curriculum, helping audio producers make meaningful media in an agile, supportive, and accessible learning environment.
  • We welcome the public to tell their own stories in the studios and classrooms at our Podcast Garages in Boston and embedded in the new headquarters of KQED in San Francisco.
  • We have partnered with some of the most creative makers in public radio and podcasting, and have celebrated their success on their own terms.

We create value through our collaborations, technology, journalism, stories—and by sharing what we have learned along the way. Inspired by the success of our partners, fueled by the benefits of our merger with PRI, and bolstered by the generous philanthropic support of our donors and institutional funders, we have established core values to serve as our north-pointing arrow.

On these pages, you will find our values woven throughout our work: Our bold vision and innovative spirit give us the courage to take risks. We practice empathy by celebrating the humanity of our colleagues and partners. We believe that excellence is not centrally sourced, and if we create opportunities for many, we all benefit. All of this is in service of our purpose and our vision of a world that values inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility.

We want to be the place of big dreams and meaningful impact — an entrepreneurial nonprofit with an expansive mission. We need courage fueled by the ideas, inspiration, and support of those we meet along the way. Thank you for your partnership.


Kerri Hoffman, CEO

PRX reaches over 28 million people on-air and online each month.

PRX broadcast shows can be heard in 99.4% of the U.S.

Nearly 1,000 stations across the U.S., Canada, and U.S. territories air a PRX show.

In 2021, PRX put more than $19,500,000 into the hands of independent audio creators.

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02: Stories with Impact

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Stories with Impact

At PRX’s core is the creation of original, consequential content. Together with creators and listener support, we are building the most diverse portfolio of broadcasts and podcasts in public media. From award-winning news and investigative programs, to acclaimed storytelling and cultural commentary, PRX is helping public media sound like each of us.

PRX Productions Brings Our Mission to Life

PRX is synonymous with curating quality content from the best producers and journalists—but we're also top-notch audio makers ourselves. We help creators amplify who they are and design soundscapes that bring their stories to life.

Creating with Intention

We designed PRX Productions to embody our mission, and our work reflects that commitment. We look for sustainable projects that have potential to thrive in the marketplace and create long-term impact. Most importantly, we select partners aligned with our mission to grow public media as an inclusive space. In 2021, with support from the American Council for Learned Societies, we launched an initiative to create a new framework that ensures our content portfolio is representative across the spectrum of creation, content, and appeal.

Since launching in mid-2020, PRX Productions has worked with more than 20 partners.

The PRX Productions team has produced over 600 podcast episodes for clients and partners.

In 2021, two shows produced by PRX Productions ranked number 1 on Apple Podcasts.

With the support of partners and donors, PRX Productions forges opportunities for creators to take risks and produce the highest quality content that amplifies their unique stories. See more at PRX Productions.

Continuing the
Legacy of Studio 360

PRX Productions is led by Jocelyn Gonzales, who helped grow the unit out of the talents she cultivated at legendary arts and culture show Studio 360. The ethos of that show—which told the stories of American icons who hadn't been traditionally featured in public media—laid the groundwork for PRX Productions, bringing a greater range of voices and processes to public media production units.

“We express our mission through what we talk about and who we work with. I want creators to come away with the knowledge that they’ve made something authentic to who they are.”

Jocelyn Gonzales

– Jocelyn Gonzales
Director of PRX Productions

Serving Listeners of All Ages

As a driver of innovation, PRX believes public media can, and should, be the vanguard for values and excellence in podcasting for youth and their families. That’s why we created the first-of-its-kind network—just for tweens.

The Answers to Kids’ Biggest Questions

Child development experts often call the tween years the second period of the “whys.” But public media hasn't always met 9-13 year-olds where they are. Mainstream media hasn't done much better, filling the void with reels and posts that lack quality content for developing brains. When the pandemic hit, we saw more than a 50% increase to the PRX Kids portfolio—kids shows aren’t only holding steady, they are growing.

That's why PRX decided to make podcasts the whole family could enjoy. We turned to a Squad of tweens and experts from across the country to tell us what they're missing in their media diet—and how PRX can fill that gap.

PRX Kids Content Stimulates, Entertains, Empowers, and Educates

PRX Kids content isn't just shows for kids made by adults. It's a collection that takes their ideas seriously and listens to their direction. PRX Kids content reimagines Greek mythology, catapults through interactive dreamworlds, explains how teens turn their “whys” into scientific discoveries, and reminds tweens that it's ok to feel awkward when everything around—and within—them is changing. The result is exciting, engaging podcasts, with rave reviews—made precisely for kids, tweens and teens, with the polish you expect from PRX.

PRX distributed 30 stellar kids' shows in 2021.

Kids' content garnered 36 million downloads in 2021.


Cultureverse with Yara Shahidi, Kelly Marie Tran

The Genius Generation

The Genius Generation with Danni Washington

The Magic Sash

The Magic Sash with Aly Raisman

Live from Mount Olympus

Live from
Mount Olympus
with André de Shields

Journalism that Brings Empathy to the News

The defining story of our time is the shifting balance between democracy and authoritarianism. PRX's flagship journalism shows The World, The Takeaway, and Reveal go beyond breaking news and headlines to share human insights from the people living the news—in-depth work made possible by listeners and supporters.

"The World’s stories are my stories. They are stories of immigrants, global citizens, and humans who are trying to make a change. Most importantly, they are powerful reminders that we must learn to live together in peace.”

– Rima Hyder
PRX Board Member

The World is carried by 330 stations.

Over 2.2 million people tune in to
The World each week.

The World:
Human-Centered Journalism

In 2021, journalists at The World brought listeners ongoing, deeply reported stories from all around the globe. Hosted by Marco Werman, The World balances the big challenges of the day with stories of hope and joy in series like "Movement," which tells the stories of migration through music, and "The Big Fix," which highlights solutions to climate change.

The World is co-produced with GBH.

The World

Halima Gikandi

Halima Gikandi Halima Gikandi is the Africa correspondent at The World. She covers the continent, with a focus on politics, security, and human rights.

Jorge Valencia

Jorge Valencia Jorge Valencia is the lead Latin America correspondent for The World, covering immigration, politics, and the arts.

Shirin Jaafari

Shirin Jaafari Shirin Jaafari covers the Middle East for The World, reporting from Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

Daniel Ofman

Daniel Ofman Daniel Ofman is a producer for The World. He has reported from Eastern Europe and the Middle East, focusing on the intersection between politics, history, and culture.

The Takeaway enjoys a truly authentic relationship with our listeners, and that community makes this hosting experience especially rich and rewarding. I’m excited to create captivating radio with the dedicated, creative, and professional team of The Takeaway each day.”

Melissa Harris-Perry

– Melissa Harris-Perry
host & executive producer of The Takeaway

The Takeaway is carried by 290 stations.

Over 2.7 million people tune in to
The Takeaway each week.

The Takeaway: America’s Weekday Conversation

Every weekday, The Takeaway turns our attention to topics dominating the news cycle while maintaining focus on three gaps pulling our country apart: the wealth gap, the empathy gap, and the truth gap. In 2021, Melissa Harris-Perry was named host and managing editor of the nationally-syndicated public radio news program. The show delivered special projects like "Aging While Queer" and "Deep Dive with MHP and Dorrian Warren," and ongoing coverage of critical topics like voter suppression and the disparate impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Takeaway is co-produced with WNYC and GBH.

The Takeaway

"Billey Joe Johnson Jr. dreamed of graduating high school, going to college and one day playing pro football. On a cold December morning in 2008, that future was shattered. His story is a reckoning of justice in America.”

– “Mississippi Goddam” from Reveal

Reveal is carried by 544 stations.

Over 1.1 million people tune in to Reveal each week.

Uncovering What’s Done in the Dark

As the country’s first weekly investigative public radio show and podcast, Reveal holds the powerful to account and shines a light on injustice to protect those most vulnerable in our society. In 2021, reporting from Reveal and WIRED made a national impact, prompting U.S. lawmakers to call for a Federal Trade Commission investigation of Amazon. In another featured series, "Mississippi Goddam," Peabody Award-winning host Al Letson and co-reporter Jonathan Jones brought listeners a seven-part series about the death of 17-year-old Billey Joe Johnson Jr. and a deeply flawed investigation by Mississippi law enforcement.

Reveal is co-produced with the Center for Investigative Journalism.


03: Active Leadership

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Active Leadership

PRX’s roots are in podcasting and technology, making us an anomaly in public media. We push the industry forward by innovating in tech and content, while keeping our charge to expand the story front and center. This work takes many forms, from investments in how producers distribute their work, engage audiences, and monetize productions, to protecting user privacy.

Bringing Privacy-Forward Technology to Public Media

PRX is fostering a media ecosystem that benefits the public and the people making content. With our technology, we are building an alternate way for public media to behave that protects the time, attention, and privacy of our users, and gives producers more with what they’ve already done. Public media should lead the fight against targeted, privacy-invasive advertising—and PRX is the vanguard of that effort.

Ads That Target Content, Not Personal Data

In 2021, our tech team brought new innovation to PRX Dovetail—our suite of applications designed to optimize and streamline the post-production process for podcasters. We maximized the benefits producers could get from their content by incorporating inventory management into Dovetail, allowing PRX’s stellar Ad Operations team to increase the inventory on ads sold by 10-15%—that means more dollars in producers' pockets.

We also advanced Dovetail integration with a privacy-forward marketplace that leverages the best of programmatic advertising (ads on demand), while respecting listener privacy. In other networks, programmatic ad exchanges tend to match the ad to the listener's or user’s metadata. This has led to a race to the bottom with low-quality ads and low value to producers. With our partners at Market Engenuity, we are building out an exchange of vetted ads that matches advertisers with shows, and protects your private data.

Top 10
PRX consistently ranks among the top 10 podcast publishers in the U.S.

PRX's distribution technology hosted more than 200 podcasts and handled 66,950,000 downloads in 2021.

Podcasts hosted on PRX Dovetail reached 18.7 million unique listeners each month in 2021.

A News Website,
Not a Click Casino

In November, PRX relaunched the website for The World—our iconic international news program—removing all of the ads, third-party cookies, and tracking scripts that other websites often use to follow you across the internet. That means when readers click on, they're getting award-winning news faster and without distracting ads or clickbait.

We are one of the very few legacy news organizations to take this step—and we do it because we are invested in building relationships with readers and listeners who support our journalism with direct donations that are your choice. It's a model that matches our mission to keep content open and extend equity by keeping our exceptional journalism accessible. Screenshot

“Major kudos to PRX for taking leadership on implementing a 'privacy-by-design' public media digital model. A few of us at local public media stations have been shouting into the wind about our responsibilities to serve our audiences without exposing them to exploitation of their personal data. Your new website is also easy to use, beautifully styled, and scores very well on web accessibility. Decision-makers at stations and NPR, PBS, and CPB should be paying close attention."

– Jack Brighton

A Broadcast Portfolio We Are Proud to Represent

As a programming distributor to public radio stations all over the United States, PRX is intentional about the broadcast programs we represent to help public media look and sound like the full public across the country—not just the coasts.

Nimble by Nature, Resilient by Design

PRX started as a technology company that brought digital to the airwaves through The PRX Exchange—an open audio distribution marketplace that gives producers local and national broadcast reach. Our digital roots mean we are nimble by nature and are able to move quickly on the broadcast scene. And, we attract and distribute impactful shows that sound like and speak to communities across the country.

From the 25th anniversary re-release of Peabody Award-winning “Black Radio: Telling It Like It Was” with the Smithsonian, to Crushed from Religion of Sports, to "The Universal Title," an America Abroad Media special about Muhammad Ali’s religious life—shows distributed by PRX add context and perspective to the ever-changing world in which we live.

The diversity of our network in content, production, and distribution helped PRX weather the early impacts of the pandemic on radio listening. Home to programs like Latino USA, Snap Judgement, and Reveal, as well as The Moth and This American Life, PRX has built a portfolio we are more than proud of—and a network that is resilient.

More than 9.2 million radio listeners hear PRX content each week.

Creators uploaded 36,500 audio stories to The PRX Exchange in 2021.

"Futuro Media's strategic decision to move to PRX in October 2020 has resulted in significant growth in Latino USA's audiences and station carriage, along with a ten-fold growth in our show revenue."

Maria Hinojosa

– Maria Hinojosa
Founder, Futuro Media & Host/Executive Producer, Latino USA

PRX is Growing the Reach of New and Established Shows

Latino USA

Latino USA 26 new stations since joining PRX

Snap Judgement

Snap Judgment 76 new stations since joining PRX

Public Media That Reflects the Public

The community PRX most directly serves with the support of donors and funders is the world of audio content creators. This includes public radio stations, independent organizations, and individual audio makers. It is through these partners, and also through our own productions, that we serve the broader public.

We are at an inflection point in public media and the broader media landscape is rapidly shifting. New partnerships form almost daily. Listeners are discovering content in new ways. This makes the competitive landscape more complex and difficult for local public media stations to navigate. Simultaneously, stations are evolving to accommodate the changing role of public media in their local communities—becoming multi-platform publishers that provide unique engagement opportunities. And as stations evolve, networks evolve, too. That makes the context and collaboration that networks provide even more important.

PRX works to align our mission with the needs of local stations, finding new ways to attract and engage audiences and thrive sustainably in the media environment of the moment. Our ecosystem captivates audiences by attracting hosts and talents that exude authenticity and engage in conversations that aren't heard on other networks. Here, they have the space to dig deeper and talk to audiences in ways that resonate with their daily lives. We're not about creating a cache of shows that sound like “public media”—we're about bringing all listeners a network that sounds like the full American public.

04: Investing in Talent

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Investing in Talent

Thanks to the open and flexible nature of podcasting, it is easier than ever for people to record and share their stories. But while podcasting is booming, barriers to entry remain. With help from foundations and donors, PRX is committed to supporting communities that have stories needing to be heard.

More Than a Partner, Also a Resource

We ensure that our producers and hosts continue to own their own shows and keep creative control of their work. Our purpose is to build long-term value for our creative partners by providing resources that catalyze their artistry and help independent producers flourish. By creating accessible professional and educational opportunities and state-of-the-art resources, PRX affects the narratives represented in the larger public media ecosystem. We encourage collaboration between creators and their networks, resulting in a rich tapestry of voices, stories, and connection points within a complex and traditional media system.

Building Strong Creative Communities with PRX Training

The democratic nature of podcasting means anyone can pick up a mic and create something—but it also means a lot of people are starting on their own, without knowing their markers of success or where they want to go. PRX has long been a resource to help make the overwhelming amount of information about podcasting more accessible.

Co-creating Podcast Communities Around the World

In 2021, our training team prioritized co-creating podcasting ecosystems with creators around the world. By helping seed pockets of micro-experts, podcasters working with PRX Training will go on to further pollinate their creative communities, increasing knowledge of and accessibility to podcast production wherever they are. Helping build these networks of creators who can grow alongside one another is just as important as the hard skills that they learn through PRX Training programs.

Co-creating Podcast Communities Around the World

More than 60 creators from 15 countries have participated in the Google Podcasts creator program.

Google Podcasts creator program participants have produced 32 podcasts in six different languages.

PRX Training led a 20-week consultancy for KERA in North Texas in 2021.

Six podcasting teams were trained through the Ready To Learn program with CPB and PBS Kids in 2021.

"Every Friday I'm blessed to be around people who can help me.”

– Janet Perez
Ready To Learn team Abi and the Cosmic Caravan

Introducing the World of Work Through Ready To Learn

A highlight of 2021 for PRX Training was the launch of the Ready To Learn podcast accelerator in partnership with PBS KIDS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, supported by the US Department of Education. The pandemic sparked a huge demand for children's podcasting—but it also showed the extent to which content is lacking. Through RTL, PRX adapted our multi-week training accelerator to work with indie producers of kids' content with the goal of preparing children for the world of work. Six talented teams from around the country developed and refined their shows, marketing, and monetization plans with the help of PRX. One show—Work It Work It! co-hosted by Christina Sanabria and Andrés Salguero of Latin GRAMMY-winning children’s musical duo, 123 Andrés—was selected to be produced by PBS.

Learn more about the Ready To Learn accelerator here.

Introducing the World of Work Through Ready To Learn

“Design thinking allowed us to strategize, very specifically starting from one point to the endpoint and see how all of it worked together in an ecosystem.”

– Samba Yonga
producer of Leading Ladies Zambia, Google Podcasts creator program participant

Community-Centered Creative Spaces with PRX Podcast Garages

PRX Podcast Garages offer tools, training, and space for people who want to work in this medium—regardless of age, technical background, or media experience.

Western Ave. to the West Coast

When we began our journey, we had an empty renovated auto body shop on Western Avenue in Allston, MA—the PRX Podcast Garage—and an ambitious vision to transform it into a hub of community and creativity for media makers in Boston. Since then, we’ve expanded to a brand new Podcast Garage at KQED in San Francisco. The Podcast Garage is now a thriving community space where hobbyists and professionals come to refine their craft, master new technologies, and create the most meaningful work they can.

Western Ave. to the West Coast

"I’m particularly excited to collaborate with and learn from the many incredible audio creators here in the Bay Area, and to build a space where people can meet up, exchange ideas, and explore audio together. I hope the PRX Podcast Garage will be a welcoming home for anyone interested in audio storytelling who is looking for inspiration, feedback, and community.”

Eric Dahn

– Eric Dhan
Community Manager of the PRX Podcast Garage at KQED

Deepening our Relationship with KQED

In 2021, PRX opened a Podcast Garage in San Francisco with public radio station KQED. PRX is an integrated resident in KQED's brand new facility, offering learning workshops, co-produced public events, and community outreach throughout the Bay Area.

The PRX Podcast Garage at KQED allows us to develop public and community partnerships to make audio that tells authentic stories. The Podcast Garage is one way KQED intentionally focuses on engaging more directly with the audiences and communities they serve in the Bay Area.

Deepening Our Relationship with KQED

"As we listen to the voices within our communities, both in the Bay Area and Boston, we know that many of their perspectives are not visible or lack presence in the dominant media culture. Opening the PRX Podcast Garage at KQED allows us to champion community storytelling as a way to inspire change together. With our programs, we aim to equip local creators with resources that empower them to amplify critical issues, embrace departure from norms, take risks, and practice an abundance mentality."

– Gina James
Vice President of Strategic Impact at PRX

Heloiza Barbosas Journey

Heloiza Barbosa’s Journey Through PRX


Originally from Belem, Brazil, Heloiza moved to Boston in 1994, working as a waitress, barista, and housecleaner before earning her Ph.D. in education from Boston University. It was listening to This American Life and other public radio shows while cleaning that helped her learn English and sparked an interest in sound design. Heloiza attended her first event on the art of personal storytelling at the PRX Podcast Garage in 2017. “And then after that, I did every workshop—if there was a workshop that I thought I could do, I would sign up. I never felt out of place in the Garage.”

Eventually, an idea was born—to start a Portuguese-language podcast about Brazilian domestic workers in America called FAXINA, which means “deep cleaning.” “When I thought about these stories, the immigrant stories that had been ignored, I thought about that word faxina. That word meant so much—it's like stories that literally, and metaphorically, had been swept under the rug and we need to collectively lift up the rug and air those stories.”

Heloiza and PRX crossed paths again when she attended the East Boston Public Library Podcasting workshop in 2019. Later that year, she was selected as a runner-up for the Google Podcasts creator program, with the chance to attend a creator’s boot camp. “It was one week that completely changed my life.” PRX training helped shape her idea and by the end of its first season, FAXINA was considered the best narrative podcast on platforms in Brazil, with listeners in 42 countries. FAXINA was officially selected for the full Google Podcasts creator program from thousands of applicants in 2020, which helped take the podcast to the next level.

In 2021, FAXINA was named a winner of the 2021 Third Coast/Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition. Episodes are available for English speakers via YouTube. And, Heloiza is continuing to build the creator ecosystem, “I realize the stories I want to tell are right here around me.”

To Radiotopia
and Beyond

Radiotopia from PRX—our curated network of extraordinary, cutting-edge podcasts—welcomed new partnerships with long-time friends, and launched Radiotopia Presents, a podcast of limited-run, artist-owned series from new and original voices.

The Impact of Independence

In 2021, Radiotopia doubled down on our commitment to support independent producers' ownership of their intellectual property. That means upholding a podcast-plus culture, where ideas can have additional lives through adaptations, books, and spinoffs—all owned by the creators, not conglomerates.

The Impact of Independence

Radiotopia from PRX had 25 active shows in 2021.

Radiotopia podcast episodes saw 150 million downloads in 2021.

Four million people listened to Radiotopia podcasts each month.

Sixteen thousand individual donors supported Radiotopia in 2021.

Hrishikesh Hirway of Song Exploder gave one TED Talk and released a new original song "Between There and Here (feat. Yo-Yo Ma)."

Ear Hustle launched its eighth season and first book.

The Stoop launched its sixth season, and its first as a member of Radiotopia.

Radiotopia partnered with McSweeney's on their very first Audio Issue.

It’s been so refreshing to collaborate with a network that truly believes in your mission and your work … We can’t wait for our Stoop listeners to finally be able to support us in a way that feels unique and supports other independent producers as well.”

– Leila Day
Co-Host of The Stoop

For journalists like us coming out of public radio, Radiotopia feels like a natural home for The Stoop … There’s a common ethos and values we share as public media journalists—so this felt like the perfect fit.”

– Hana Baba
Co-Host of The Stoop

Making Room at the Table with Podcast Debuts

Limited-run podcast series can be hard to get off the ground. By holding space for shorter-run shows, Radiotopia Presents celebrates innovation in storytelling and supports original content that other networks might not take a risk on. Each series is developed in partnership with independent producers who receive financial, production, and promotional support from Radiotopia to bring their idea to the widest possible audience. Forums like Radiotopia Presents lay the groundwork for future relationships: In 2018, The Stoop—a podcast telling and celebrating stories from across the Black diaspora—was a featured mini-series in Showcase, the precursor to Radiotopia Presents. Three years later, The Stoop returned to PRX as part of the Radiotopia network.

Making Room at the Table

Radiotopia Presents: Blind Guy Travels, a podcast that invites listeners into life without sight, and Radiotopia Presents: S***hole Country, an audio memoir about achieving the Ghanian-American dream, both garnered recognition across “Best of 2021” lists from The Atlantic, LA Review of Books, TIME Magazine, NPR's Fresh Air, and more.

Propelling Creators to New Heights

Radiotopia podcasts are different. Within Radiotopia producers keep the ownership rights to their shows, so they can create the shows they want, precisely as they want to make them—and let their ideas soar.

With deep gratitude and admiration for Radiotopia and PRX, it's time for us to move into a new chapter. Radiotopia is by far the best place to launch and grow your independent show, and we are grateful to have worked alongside so many inspiring, passionate producers. When we joined in 2015, we had only just begun with Criminal, and Radiotopia helped us build the show into what it is today. We encourage listeners everywhere to continue supporting Radiotopia—there's nothing else like it.”

Phoebe Judge and Laren Spohrer

– Phoebe Judge and Lauren Spohrer
Longtime Radiotopians

05: Donor Support

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Donor Support

More than 20,000 individual donors and institutions supported PRX programs and initiatives in 2021. Thank you.


  • Julia and Kenneth Dayton*
  • Maryanne Tagney and David Jones
  • Roman Mars
  • Amy Rao and Harry Plant


  • Stewart Butterfield
  • FJC - A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds
  • Gruber Family Foundation
  • Katherine Harris and Tom Keyser
  • Liliane and Ed Schneider


  • Betsy Atwater
  • Suzanne LaFetra
  • Judy Pigott


  • Alice Shaver Charitable Trust
  • Melanie and Tim Byrne
  • Kathy Chan
  • Dodee and Billy Crockett
  • Katharine and Peter Darrow
  • Lynn and Bruce Dayton
  • Epic Systems Corporation
  • Firerose Foundation
  • Guttman Family Donor Advised Fund
  • Nor Hall and Roger Hale
  • Kerri and Nelson Hoffman
  • Rima Hyder
  • Wendy Holcombe and Carl Kawaja
  • Kelson Foundation
  • Lisa and Peter Kraus
  • Katherine Lyle
  • Dete and Paul Meserve
  • The Miami Foundation
  • JaMel and Tom Perkins
  • Cindy and Howard Rachofsky
  • Lizzie and Dan Routman
  • Sharon G. and Robert L. Ryan
  • Ted MacGovern and Daniel Shih


  • Anonymous
  • Michelle and David Baldacci
  • Jeannie and Henry Becton
  • Lisa and Colin Gardner-Springer
  • Richard Gingras
  • Lucy and Ken Lehman
  • Mailman Foundation
  • Kate Wolf and Ashton Peery
  • Betty Regard
  • Judy and Bob Rubin
  • Betsy Gardella and Jim Smith
  • Stephen Solomon
  • Linda and Sergei Szortyka
  • Sally and John Van Doren
  • Amanda Weitman
  • Margaret Wurtele

$2,500 - $4,999

  • Lori Hall Armstrong and Michael Armstrong
  • Steve Bercu
  • Frish Brandt
  • Suzi and Mike Cope
  • Susan and David Coulter
  • Deborah Falb
  • Cindy and Dan Lothian
  • Jenji Kohan
  • Cindy and Dan Lothian
  • Oregon Community Foundation
  • Margot and Tom Pritzker
  • Curtis Scribner
  • The Sternlicht Family
  • Lawrence Wilkinson
  • Kathryn Finney and Tobias Wright


  • Anonymous
  • Shari Malyn and Jon Abbott
  • Jennifer Abele
  • Serena Altschul
  • Michelle Jewell and Ryan Amick
  • Susan and Tim Armstrong
  • Kathryn Khom and Charles Ayers
  • Jacoby Baker
  • The Baltoro Trust
  • Sara and Steven Bass
  • Tara Benz
  • David and Nicole Berger
  • Michael Choy
  • Wendy Cook
  • Ron Cunniff
  • Da Capo Fund
  • Peggy Dear
  • Paula and Cy DeCosse
  • Caroline DeMarco
  • Dagmar Dickey
  • Lori Dostal
  • Rickie Eatherly
  • M.E. Eccles
  • Eliot Family Fund
  • Jacque and Jay Forrest
  • Bev and Don Freeman
  • Regan and William Gammon
  • Glenn Gauthier
  • Mike Giesler
  • Jill and John Gilbert
  • Ann Carlson and Larry Godel
  • Leigh Ann Hahn
  • Helena MacKenzie and Colin Hamilton
  • Ellen Humphrey
  • Judy Woodruff and Al Hunt
  • Vicki and Michael Isip
  • Ben Jaffe
  • Jane Johnson
  • Nancy Perot and Rod Jones
  • Mathias Jourdain
  • Dan Kletter
  • Joelle Chase and Peter Knipper
  • Susan Kornfield
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  • Larry Reed
  • Victoria Reynolds
  • Kim and Mick Roemer
  • Elizabeth Hansen and Jake Shapiro
  • Daniel Simmons-Marengo
  • Nancy and John Solana
  • Fredi and Howard Stevenson
  • Kathryn Stivers
  • Sherry Sullivan
  • Eric Swart
  • Carolyn Talcott
  • Nancy Tuma
  • Sammie Veeler
  • Maggie Walker
  • Lawrence Willson
  • Adrianne and Bruce Wonnacott
  • Lynn Hubbard and David Zapolsky
  • Merle Kurzrock and George Zimmerman


"Tea and podcasts, the perfect start to every morning. What could be better than hope, creativity and understanding to bolster the day? Thank you."

– Pamela
Listener and Supporter in California

Institutional Funders


  • The Corporation for Public Broadcasting
  • Google
  • John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
  • John Templeton Foundation

$250,000 - $999,000

  • Barr Foundation
  • Carnegie Corporation of New York
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • The John S. & James L. Knight Foundation
  • The Henry Luce Foundation
  • Meadow Fund
  • National Endowment for the Humanities
  • New Venture Fund

$100,000 - $249,999

  • Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
  • Arthur Vining Davis Foundations
  • Ford Foundation
  • Lumina Foundation

$25,000 - $99,999

  • Anonymous
  • Ardmore Institute of Health
  • Bagri Foundation
  • Interledger Foundation
  • National Endowment for the Arts
  • Pop Culture Collaborative
  • United States Japan Foundation

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07: Financials

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Operating Revenue


Assets 2021 2020
Cash and cash equivalents $592,801 $790,605
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Investments, at fair value $6,357,787 $5,235,530
Furniture & Equipment $609,630 $939,626
Other Assets $1,984,254 $1,182,350
Total Assets $20,419,025 $18,337,966
Liabilities & Net Assets 2021 2020
Current liabilities $16,539,342 $13,868,330
Long-term deferred revenue and other liabilities $1,008,758 $288,182
Total Liabilities $17,548,100 $14,156,512
Net (deficit) assets 2021 2022
Without donor restrictions -$4,061,197 -$3,493,639
With donor restrictions $6,932,122 $7,675,093
Total net assets $2,870,925 $4,181,454
Total Liabilities & Net Assets $20,419,025 $18,337,966